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 My name is Debbie. I never got around to making one of these when I was alive, so my niece Renee made it for me. I passed away January 21, 2009 from an accidental overdose. I was in so much pain, emotional and physical. I took some painkillers, hoping it would help, and didn't realize I took too many. I think GOD realized how tired I was, and let me come home. I would tell my sister Sherry that I felt like I was knocking on GODS door, and no matter how much I knocked, nothing would happened. Finally I just decided to open it, and he recieved me with open arms :) I never realized how much I would be missed. I left behind 3 boys, JR, TJ, and Xavier. My husband Thor(who passed 2 weeks after my passing is with me now. I left LOTS of family. When I passed I was greeted by my 2 brothers, Johnnie( Who passed away in 2006, he was 50.) and Danny(who passed away in 1967, he was 9), and lastly, my nephew Anthony who went to GOD when he was 2 months old in 1986. Im soo happy I get to see them again. I was also was greeted by the MANY family members who had gone before me. I also left behind my siblings: Donald, Chris, Sheilah, Sherry, William, and Jerry. And of course my loving parents, John Henry and Rachel. And last, but not least, ALL of my neices and nephews, and my "Grand baby",Toby!